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Best in Class Home Inspections

24 Hour Reporting

JBW Home Inspections will get your report within 24 hours.

Quality Assured Inspections

Licensed and Insured in the state of Florida


Guaranteed Response within 24 hours – Call 813-825-2564

Transparent Pricing

JBW Home Inspections takes pride in letting consumers know their quotes.


Your Home Inspected with Detail and Care

Full Home Inspection

Our licensed home inspectors conduct comprehensive assessments covering your entire residence.

4 Point Inspection

We address the key functional areas of your home: roofing, electrical systems, plumbing, and HVAC, ensuring a thorough examination of all essential aspects.

Wind Mitigation

Wind mitigation involves employing specific construction methods to minimize the impact of strong winds, reducing potential damage to buildings.

Thermal Imaging

Infrared (thermal imaging) is an advanced, non-intrusive technology enabling inspectors to reveal aspects of a home that conventional inspection methods cannot detect, providing homeowners with unique insights.

WDO Inspection

By AmeriPro pest control in conjunction with JBW Home Inspection. JBW Home Inspection is not a licensed pest control company.

Why Choose Us?

We are not just an inspector we're a peace of mind.

Thinking about buying a home? Let us inspect it for you. JBW Home Inspection ensures your investment is protected with insurance inspections, including wind mitigation and four-point assessments, and more, so you can love where you live.


JBW performed the inspection in a professional manner. I appreciated his professionalism and patience on answering my questions. He did a very through inspection! 5 Stars!
John Godfrey
I was blown away on how readily available he is. I couldn't' have chosen a better person to do the job. He was through with the inspection and swift with the report.
Josh Verdes
He was on time and ready to do the inspection. The inspection allowed us to see issues within the home that needed to be addressed. Thank you for catching those issues that allowed me to prepare for before closing.
Jennifer Solace