Wind Mitigation

What to Expect from a Wind Mitigation

A wind mitigation involves assessing your home’s resilience against strong winds. We identify areas where your home can be fortified to better withstand windstorms, reducing potential damage. Depending on your home, a wind mitigation can lead to a discount on your home insurance. 

Thorough Assessment: Our experts inspect your home’s structure, roofing, windows, and doors to identify vulnerabilities.

Recommendations: Based on the assessment, we provide tailored recommendations to reinforce weak points and enhance wind resistance.

Protection & Peace of Mind: Strengthening your home means better protection for you and your family, offering peace of mind during severe weather.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wind mitigation is the process of reinforcing a home’s structural elements to better withstand strong winds, such as those from hurricanes or severe storms. It’s crucial as it helps reduce potential damage during windstorms, making homes safer and potentially lowering insurance premiums.

During a wind mitigation inspection, trained professionals assess various aspects of a home, including the roof, doors, windows, and construction features. They identify areas that could be vulnerable to wind damage and evaluate the home’s ability to withstand high winds.


Wind mitigation offers multiple benefits. Strengthening a home against wind damage can potentially reduce repair costs after storms. Additionally, insurance companies often provide discounts or credits on insurance premiums for homes with wind mitigation features, leading to potential cost savings.


While not mandatory, wind mitigation is highly recommended, especially in areas prone to strong winds or hurricanes. It helps homeowners protect their property and can potentially lower insurance costs. Even homes built to code may benefit from additional wind mitigation measures.

A wind mitigation inspection is good for 5 years or if you recently added a new roof.